Locksmith Questions and Answers

Should I change my locks if I purchase a new property?

Yes, you should change your locks if you have purchased a new property. You have no idea who may have the keys.

What kind of lock should I get for a glass door?

You should install a lock that is double sided to prevent a criminal from gaining access to your property. This lock will require a key to gain access from both sides of the lock.

Can I have one key operate all the locks to my home or office?

Yes, you have a locksmith change or rekey the locks so one key works all the locks.

If I break a key do I have to replace the lock?

No, you can have a locksmith rekey your lock or duplicate a key to match the key you already were using.

Can I have 2 different keys operate 1 lock?

Yes, this is called master keying and a locksmith can master key your lock.