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Act Now Locksmith provides prompt, reliable and professional locksmith services with very affordable rates. We offer a number of locksmith services in the Tampa Bay Area which deliver the best available security for businesses. Our commercial locksmith services includes the latest commercial lock installations and servicing. Equipped with the most advanced tools and knowledge; our team of professional locksmiths will keep your business safe and secure.


Picking a Lock
Electronic Door Lock

Our locksmiths are trained to complete some of the most difficult commercial lock installations. We are knowledgable and experts at the following:

  • Business Lockouts

  • Lock Replacement

  • Custom Lock Install

  • Lock Change or Rekey

  • Commercial Lock Installation

  • Push/Pull Paddle

  • Door Closers

  • Exit Devices

  • Combination Locks

  • Card Readers

  • Filing Cabinet Locks

  • Copy Keys

  • Do Not Duplicate Key

  • High Security Locks

  • Finger Print Locks

  • Master Key

  • Electric Locks

  • Access Control

  • And More!

Act Now Locksmith is a full service locksmith that can complete many of the toughest commercial lock configurations. Our locksmiths are able to install high security locks, combo locks and create master keys systems. We can also install and service exit bars or crash bars on your fire exit doors. Our locksmiths can also install, service and adjust door closers. We can repair or service your access control systems with card readers, mag locks and electric strikes.


There are many type of combination locks in the market today. Alarm Lock has some of the most user friendly combination locks out there. You are able to program a hundred different user codes along with manager codes and1 time use codes to access your property. You are also able to access a history of the access of your employees which provide useful information to the managers and executives.


Many of the locks used today for business will allow you to use high security locks. These type of locks use a key that are very difficult to duplicate. Some keys must have a duplication card to be able to copy the key. High security locks also have different types of key bitting or cuts in the key that keep the average thief from being able to pick the locks. Because of this high security features; many businesses use these locks to protect their information and employees.


Act Now Locksmith is able to install automatic door closers on almost any door. These door closers are great to use on main entrances or exits. Once a person opens the door, the door automatically closes behind them. Doors with these door closers use a locking mechanism that will automatically lock the door once the door has fully closed. This feature is great for employee entrances into a business.


Creating a master key system for your business is a great way to give access to employees with different levels of security clearance. You can create a master system where you have 1 key that operates all locks, then you have sub masters that will operate individual doors within the master key system. This type of system can be very in depth and secure when done correctly. Our locksmiths can create a master key system on high security, regular lock cylinders or small format interchangeable cores.


Exit Devices or push bars are installed on business doors that need to have free egress or exit. In case of a fire, these doors usually have exit signs above them to help people visually see the door they need to exit. These exit bars can have a passage function where you are able to come back thru the door without a key or they can be key operated. Exit bars or panic bars can be installed on almost any door and usually have a door closer to properly latch the door shut in case of an emergency or for security purposes.


Access Control is a great way to keep your business safe and secure. Access control usually has a controller that is hooked up to an electric strike or mag lock along with a card reader to allow access to your employees or managers. The doors with card readers and electric strikes usually have a some type of key override in case of a fire or electrical outage. Most electric strikes have 2 setting which are fail safe or fail secure. If power is lost, the electric strike will either be unlocked/fail safe or be locked/fail secure.


Act Now locksmith is able to work on all of the locksmithing and access control for your commercial business in a quick and accurate manner. Give us a call today! 7277432484

Direct: (727) 743-2484

Mon - Fri 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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